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Apparently so... Well, just dropping by to tell that I am still alive and kicking :) No interesting stuff to tell and well, I haven't been in a telling mood of late plus I am being busy so yeah. But I am doing fine, let that be told :) Hope to drop by again soon for some commenting, it's way due I know... *hug* xxxx

Am sooo proud of my bloke... Just had my riding lesson and well, he did fantastic! Recently got the pictures that were taken for my companies' site so I figure this being a nice oportunity to show some! Quality may have gotten poor due to uploading on Photobucket but you can tell how gorrrgeous he is, ey? Hehe.

some more <3Collapse )

Not horse-related: I feel really happy lately... Feels so good. Still have my little down-bits but mainly I am very content with my life. Still for no particular reason. Don't look forward to Xmas however; can't get "all by myself" (is that the title of the song even???) out of my head with a visual of me on the couch a la Bridget Jones, haha! But I am so busy the coming weeks that hopefully I won't be having time to feel blue *crosses fingers* At the moment I'm writing the last of my Xmas cards so I can mail them tomorrow; decided to do just cards to my penpals and not-living-close-friends whom I, bows head in shame, neglected snail-mail wise... (well, e-mail wise as well but I won't mention that now... hehe) I was going to send little pressies too but my financial situation made me realise that cards are the only option. Guess it'll do. I'd better get writing them now cos I have to get up early and need my sleep! (Why is that anyway? That I need so much more sleep now it is cold outside, when in Summer I function fine on just 4 hours a night, if I have to...?)
would you lie with me and just forget the world?"

Yep, still alive. Been up and down lately, mostly up which is good. Got quite a lot to tell and I feel... well, that is the problem; I cannot really define how I feel... Ah well, will try to explain in an update entry that will hopefully follow soonish *crosses fingers*

For now I should go off to my lovely bed and sleep some as the alarm clock will be waking me kind of early; Saturday tomorrow! My fave day still hehe. Sweet dreams! xxx
Saturday. I love Saturdays. This one is partly over now; the active part that is. The evening is for relaxing and the relaxing has just started. Mmmmmmm. Loes like. *smile*
Busy a lot. Doing sort of ok. Still this unnerving feeling of something being abrew underneath... But fine nevertheless. Goodie.
But I felt the need to write somthing here. Just because. hehe. Main reason is that Autumn started; rain, wind, falling leaves and horsie-blankets. Yep, that is the season of Autumn alright! :)I feel like crawling underneath my blankets in my comfy bed and stay there till the sun comes out again, say... May? :P Nah, it sure has it's charme but right now the damp clothes and chilly feeling make me say: yuk & ewww. :\
... between doing tons of laundry and training my horses, to let anyone who might possibly be interested know that I am still alive indeed... :p Load of work pretty much non-stop (of the fun and less-fun kind) and when I have some time off, I simply don't feel like computering. Hope to drop by soon again, longer as well. Bye for now!
I know... First I had 3 weeks of holidays and did not feel like going online and for the past 2 weeks I have simply been too busy. Will go to a birthday party in a minute or so which means that there is no proper update now neither. Yup, sucks! So I hope to update sooooonish! *crosses fingers* Maybe Sunday...? (That is when I have time to breath, I believe, hehe)
...and nothing but rain! Grrreat! :(